Having made flexible arrangements with my professional life 5 years ago, i have been able to dedicate more time and resources to my foremost interests : Photography, travel and nature.

With my home in Tokyo as a base, and besides some early forays to Alaska and South Argentina, my exploration area has grown concentrically : Hokkaido, the mountains and plateaux of western China, Indonesia, India, finally reaching Europe, the continent where i grew up, during the summer of 2011 ! In fact i like to repeat trips to places of interest as much i like discovering new territories, as returning a second or third time allows for a more focused and detailed exploration, and yields more productive results photography wise. Thinking along those lines i have made over 20 trips to Hokkaido, half of them in winter, 7 trips to the Qinghai province of western china and 4 trips to India. When practical and logistic considerations permit, i also favor a hardcore on-foot exploration, involving camping when required, over the well-trodden path of organized safaris. Of course the latter approach will bring you closer and quicker to the wildlife, but as a photographer you might find it hard to differentiate your work from the thousands of other photographers who came before you. In contrast, making your own path will yield unpredictable results, and sometimes no result at all, but what you’ll get is likely to be unique, and the whole experience is more valuable to me.
This blog is intended to showcase pictures taken in those remaining “wild” places, and share the experience of making them. I hope you’ll enjoy it !


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Yann,

    My name is José Luis Copete, I work as documentalist for the Internet Bird Collection and the HBW series. We are very interested to include some of the pictures of Sillem’s Mountain Finch to the IBC. We are now receiving in the order of 6000 different people visiting the website. If you allow us to upload some of the pictures, we will prepare a news on the IBC, to comment the rediscovery, including a link to your website/blog.

    Please send us your feedback to my address,

    Thanks in advance for your time and looking forward to hearing from you

    José Luis Copete
    IBC and Handbook of the Birds of the World

  2. Hello. I just found your blog by change, living myself in Tsuruoka. Very interested in your experience here. Would love to hear more about your gear.

  3. Hi Yann The first time I’ve see your Wildlife pictures (or so many of them) and they are truly amazing. Genius. Wishing you all the best. Mark

  4. Dear Wilderness Alternative,

    My name is Wolf Clifton. I am a Masters student in the University of Washington’s Museology (Museum Studies) program. I am writing to request permission to use four of your photographs, from your post “The Constant Gardener – Vogelkop Bowerbird,” in an online exhibit I am developing for my thesis project. My exhibit is titled “Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence.” It explores the implications of intelligence in other animals, and scientific search for alien civilizations and development of artificial intelligence, for human self-identity and moral responsibilities toward other creatures.

    The four photographs I wish to use are “Bowerbird” #1, 2, 3, and 7. They would be part of an interactive activity designed to illustrate the similarity of bowerbird bowers to human art and other cultural endeavors. The exhibit will be publicly viewable online starting on or around April 17th. It is meant solely for non-profit educational purposes. Unfortunately, I lack the budget to purchase rights for the use of your photos, but can credit them in any manner you specify, including linking to your website.

    Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you are willing to permit the use of these photographs as described above, and if so under what conditions. I am very excited for the exhibit’s debut, and believe your talent would contribute enormously to its value!

    Thank you,

    Wolf Clifton ( wolfclif@uw.edu )

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