Svalbard Summer 2014 (4) : Supporting cast

During a cruise around Svalbard there aren’t so many different species to see : max 30 different birds (we saw 25), up to 6 seals including walrus, over 10 species of whales and dolphins are possible but you won’t see half of them, and then Polar bear, Arctic fox and Reindeer. But the scenery, the light, and the fact that most species are relatively approachable provides unequaled photographic opportunities, 24 hours a day, quite an exhilarating experience indeed.

Here is a selection of pictures of those other animals that we were happy to shoot when no polar bear (and no walrus) was around. Please enjoy and feel free to comment !


One thought on “Svalbard Summer 2014 (4) : Supporting cast

  1. Marvellous photography!

    I need to contact you if you don’t mind – could you pls send me an email? Hopefully you can access my email address which I entered in order to comment.


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