Cheetahs of Masai Mara

I just spent a wonderful 10 days in Kenya, my first “African safari”. How in the world could i have waited so long before experiencing the wilderness and beauty of east Africa ? The last 4 days were spent in the plains of the Masai Mara, and among the big cats the favorite was definitely the gracious Cheetah. We encountered 10 different animals, 3 mothers with 2 cubs/kittens and a single male, and all were relaxed enough to allow close-up views and we could witness their activities for long hours, from resting and playing to hunting. The most stunning, and comical, experience was that of a Cheetah stalking a male Gazelle, only to be disturbed by a marauding Jackal. It ended up with the Cheetah chasing the Jackal, and almost catching it, under the eyes of the lucky gazelle !

Here is a selection of Cheetah pictures, with more posts to come on the Kenya trip. Hope you’ll enjoy them !

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