Bhutan 2013 : The Land of the Thunder Dragon revisited (1)

Last April i went back to Bhutan for almost 3 weeks, this time on a self-organized trip. On the first part i drove the main road eastward, making stops at places with birding and photography interest : Punakha (1 night) for the White-bellied Heron, Trongsa (1 night) for the Golden Langur, and then 1 week long camping on the Lingmethang road at Sengor and Yongkola for East Himalaya montane birds. Then a friend from France, Laurent, joined me for the Merak-Sakteng trek, a week long loop across the Brogpa country in the far-east of the country, an area that has been opened to foreigners only a few years ago.

Overall it was a great trip : i had the opportunity to spend more time searching for and photographing rare birds, and the trek brought us to a community which is still very isolated but on the verge of change : electricity is supplied since last year and roads are being constructed that will reduce the travel time from Merak and Sakteng to Trashigang to just a few hours, whereas the journey now takes a day and a half hiking and 2 hours by bus.

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