Svalbard 2011 – 1

As a kid i was so enticed by maps of the world that i could spend entire afternoons “traveling” in my room, imagining formidable odysseys across the remotest corners of our planet, those places where my world atlas would indicate no cities nor roads. And among them, arctic islands and archipelagos were utmost attractive to me : ragged coastlines, huge glaciers flowing into the seas surrounded by mountain peaks were suggesting mostly unchartered territories set among spectacular landscapes, possibilities for endless discoveries and adventures , a stark contrast to the grim urban environment where i grew up. And if i had had to pick one place in particular, the ultimate arctic dream destination, that would have been Svalbard.

This summer a dream came true. And since it took so long to materialize, i decided to have lots of it : a total of 3 weeks in 2 different periods between mid-july and the end of august, 2 photo expeditions around the archipelago. And no disappointment at all, it was all there just like in my childhood dreams : the sea, the amazing summer light, the ice, lots of ice, in various forms : glaciers, ice pack, icebergs, tiny ice floes. And of course the wildlife : polar bears, walruses, seals, whales, sea birds by the thousands.

Mountain range south of Isfjord

Walrus at Lagoya Is

Brunich's Guillemot colony at Alkfjallet

Bear and cub north of Gustav V land

Bear on Ice pack. North of Gustav V land.

"pancake" ice north of Gustav V land

Bear on the ice pack, south of Hinlopen strait

Ivory gull, bear and seal kill, south of Hinlopen strait.

Monaco glacier

Bearded seal in front of Monaco glacier

Ringed seal in front of Lillehok glacier

Arctic tern near Longyearbyen

Actic fox near Longyearbyen

2 thoughts on “Svalbard 2011 – 1

  1. Hi there,
    I have been browsing through your webpages and blog. Lots of interesting stuff and I see we have been to many similar places in the East.
    I don’t find anything about yourself. Who are you?


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