How to Remove Bird Poop on Car?

How to Remove Bird Poop on Car

Bird poop on your well-cleaned vehicle is one of the most unwanted things! However, it is unavoidable to have poop on your car, especially if you park it under a tree or outdoors. You aren’t alone on this unwanted thing; it is bound to happen to all car owners from time to time. Also, it is possible to happen more regularly than you would want.

So, does it mean that you don’t need to remove the poop from the car because the birds won’t stop pooping on it? Well, no, and for various reasons. One, bird poop impacts an overall beauty and looks of your vehicle and reflects a bad image of the owner. Two, bird poop is acidic, and it means that it can ruin your car’s paintwork.

Now, here is how to remove bird poop on a car:

When they are fresh, bird poop is very easy to remove. Always remember that time is essential when cleaning bird poop. If you are able to come across the stain before it’s dried, then there are few things that you can consider:

· Specialised wipes

You can acquire wipes designated to clean bird poops from vehicles. These wipes are made from a unique mixture of chemicals that neutralizes the bird’s feces and stop it from destroying the car’s paint. Use the wipes on the affected areas, and follow the guidelines on the package, and then dispose of it correctly.

· Soda Water

Also known as club soda, it can remove fresh bird poop off windshields or car paint. Spray a little club soda on the affected car part, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then rinse away with fresh water. If need be, you can wipe any remaining stains with a piece of cloth.

How to Remove Dried Bird Poop on Vehicles

You may find the removal process quite challenging if you aren’t ‘lucky’ enough to witness the excrement while it is still fresh. Never worry, it is possible to remove it too. Scraping dried bird poop on cars can destroy the paintwork or the surface beneath. Instead, follow the following steps if you are looking for ways to remove dried poop on your car:

· Soften the Dried Poop with Liquid

Here, club soda and water works perfectly. However, you can also dilute an all-purpose cleaner. Dip a piece of cloth on the selected liquid and place it over the poop for ten to fifteen minutes.

· Remove the Stain Gently

Remove the cloth from the poop and then sprinkle some more of your selected liquid directly onto the poop. Leave it for a few minutes and then wipe the spots with a clean cloth. Avoid scrubbing the area. Instead, just apply firm pressure.

· Rinse the Area Completely

Rinse the area thoroughly with clean water to ensure that no chemicals are left behind. Besides, you may consider wiping the area with a clean cloth to ensure that no streaks or watermarks are left behind. If the pain was on the windscreen or rear screen, consider using the windscreen wipers.

In conclusion, removing bird poop stains isn’t as straightforward as it may seem since the stains seem to incorporate pieces of nuts, gravel, as well as seeds mixed into it, thus giving the poop a hard texture. If you attempt to scrape the stains, it may impact your vehicle’s windshields and paints. For this reason, you need to follow the methods mentioned above to remove the stains gently without damaging any car parts.

When you follow the above guidelines, you won’t find any stains on your car. As a matter of fact, it will be impossible to recognize the stain’s precise location a few hours later.

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