10 Owls Varieties you should know

Owls Varieties

There are many owl verities. The different types of owls are available in different parts of the world. They tend to exhibit different characteristics. A careful look at the features and colors of the owls, you will notice a difference. If you love nature, then you may have come across the different varieties of owls available in the wild. The owls vary based on their body size among other features. Here I’m going to reveal to you several verities of owls which exist in different parts of the world.

Owls Varieties You should know

1. Spectacled owl

It is an owl which lives in Central America, southern Mexico, and South Africa. The owls are commonly available in dense rain forests. The owls feed on small mammals which are active during night times.

  1. Oriental bay owl

It is an owl found in southwest Asia. The owl is among the barn owl family. It has a unique look which separates itself from the rest of the owls.

  1. Eastern screech owl

It is available in North America. You will find the owl in countries such as Mexico and Canada. The owl is referred to as a screech owl, but it does not screech; instead, it makes a descending tremolo call.

  1. Long-eared owl

The owl has a residence in North America, Asia and parts of Europe. Its behavior knows it of taking advantage of abandoned nests. The owl finds abandoned nests of birds such as ravens, hawks and magpies where it takes over.

  1. Barn owl

It has a heart-shaped face. Barn owls are among the widely spread owl species. Due to its widespread, it has more than 22 names based on where it is found. In some places, it is referred to as a ghost owl or a delicate owl.

  1. Snowy owl

The owl variety is commonly found in the arctic tundra in the region of North America. It is also found in other places such as the Asian forests and Europe. The owl is among the largest owl species. It is also the heaviest in the owl community.

  1. Eurasian eagle-owl

It is among the largest owl species available. It has a wingspan of more than 6 feet long. It is a heavy eater which feeds on small mammals and snakes in the forest.

  1. Tawny owl

It is mostly available in England. Its nocturnal nature makes it less known to residents. The owl is commonly found on trees hunting at night. It is among few known owls which do exist.

  1. Northern pygmy owl

It is among the small species of owls. It is only 6 inches long and nocturnal. Just like other owls, it is active at night, and it feeds on insects and small mammals.

  1. Burrowing owls

It is an owl which lives in holes. The owl takes advantage of prairie dog burrows and ground squirrel holes to stay. The owl mostly hunts at night. It can fly or sprint to catch prey due to its long legs.

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